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Paracas Peruvian Restaurant

#1 Peruvian restaurant in Toronto


…The food was just as good as I remember. My favourites are the Beef heart Antichuchos (you would never have any idea that this is heart), and the delicious red sauce was worthy of mopping up with the bread that comes, as it always did, with butter, a greenish black hot sauce and a five alarm red sauce that are both garlicky and amazing.

Stuffed Pepper with beef was bright and fresh with a yummy filling and the sea bass ceviche was still pretty much what I would have for my last meal on earth: tender marinated pieces of fish with a tart lime marinade, shaved red onions and sweet potatoes.

I never miss an order of fried yucca. Served with a creamy sauce, they are shatteringly crispy on the outside and light and fluffy on the inside.

The decor is greatly improved and the service was wonderful. We would have been happy with all that, but they brought in a Peruvian band and dancers!! I ordered some more drinks and we danced and talked to all the other patrons who were mostly of Latin descent and super friendly.I haven't has such a great time in a long time!!!

What a night!! Excellent flavourful Peruvian food and incredible entertainment to boot. It doesn't look like much and don't be afraid of how slow it is early in the evening. Paracas is an experience in Peruvian food and culture. It's still the gem I always loved and we will be back in a heartbeat! Yelp - Jenny N

How have a lived so close to this place and never gone?! What a dummy!

I came here with a half dozen friends. We each picked a dish off the menu (no easy feat) and shared everything. 

Everything was amazing: balanced flavours, good texture, excellent use of spices. The beef hearts made us all groan in joy. They were cooked medium rare and had a fantastic bite to them. The baby goat stew was meaty, and addictive. We considered ordering another. The paella was the best I've ever had. The rice was cooked PERFECTLY and the fish melted in your mouth. The steak was more well done than I like, but the crusty char more than made up for it. We also had a mixed meat platter with ribs, chorizo and lamb. Scrumptious. The hot sauces that accompanied the meal were out of this world. One was blended with parsley or coriander. I could have drank it from a glass. 

The ambiance is also wonderful. The staff is warm and the decor makes you feel like you are in another part of the world. Peru maybe, I don't know. I've never been there. 

This is my new favourite spot in the neighbourhood. Standing ovation. Yelp - Elaine K

“Perfect valentine's day dinner... just like last year. ”

 In January 2016, my wife and I decided to try Peruvian food for the first time at Paracas. We were so impressed that we spent Valentine's dinner there. This year we didn't even try to think of a different place to go. We went to Paracas for the Ceviche, Beef Heart, and Cornish Hen. Best Ceviche I had ever enjoyed.

PS... a native Peruvian once told me that there are no good Peruvian restaurants in Toronto. When I told him that I enjoyed Paracas, his response was... I forgot about Paracas. Yes, Paracas is good. Trip Advisor -edmondw2017

“A perfect dining experience”

Get ready for a culinary adventure. This place was perfect: warm staff, decor that transports you out of the Toronto winter and food that will save your soul. Particularly good are the beef hearts and the paella. Sure, the paella is $60 for two people, but they pack that dish full of seafood. The sea bass melted in my mouth. How is that even possible?!?? My advice, bring a big group and order as much as you can to share. You will not be disappointed. Trip Advisor -dr_robut

Omg. Love love love this place. So damn good i can taste the food in my mouth two week later. I wish I went here instead of the place I choose tonight just up the street. My boyfriends mom has been coming here for over 20 years she brought us last Sunday and after eating elsewhere but same type of food I'll I could think of was I wish we went back to this place Yelp-Jami B

Located in Toronto, our doors have been open (since 1999) serving authentic Peruvian cuisine.


Relax with friends and family and enjoy the many authentic dishes from Peru. It may be a birthday, graduation, anniversary, or a dinner get together,however the occasion, please enjoy your evening at Paracas Peruvian Restaurant.



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Paracas peruvian restaurant

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